Apple Announces App Store Changes Including New Subscription Payments

Apple VP of Marketing, Phil Schiller, sat down to talk with the Verge to discuss the future of the App Store, and the changes that we will see. Beginning one week from now Apple will roll out  significant changes to the App Store that will impact how, and the amount you’ll pay for your most loved apps.

Among the numerous changes  happening on the App Store search ads for apps, revenue-sharing, and new incentives for more app developers to switch to subscription-based models.

One of the biggest changes is that Apple plans to open subscriptions to all apps. It used to only be  news, cloud services, dating and streaming apps that were allowed to have subscription based payments, now however Apple will allow all categories to have this.

Apple has a news post detailing some of the upcoming changes as well:

We’re introducing exciting new capabilities and tools designed to help grow your app’s business and engage with new and existing customers on the App Store.

Search Ads Search Ads is an efficient and easy way for you to promote your app directly within the U.S. App Store search results, helping customers discover or reengage with your app, while respecting their privacy. Starting this summer, you’ll be able to participate in the Search Ads beta and see the ads in action.Learn more about Search Ads.

Subscription Enhancements We’re opening auto-renewable subscriptions to all app categories including games, increasing developer revenue for eligible subscriptions after one year, providing greater pricing flexibility, and more. Learn about what’s new in subscriptions.

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