Apple Display Provider Japan Display to Create Flexible Display

If you were hoping that your next iPhone would have a flexible display, then you might have to wait a little longer. However, there does seem to be some good news in the pipeline, According to rumors, Apple supplier Japan Display has been able to reduce the cost of flexible displays by replacing OLED panels with LCD.

While Flexible displays might seem like a thing of the future, it could come sooner than expected, Shuji Aruga, Japan Display’s CEO states “Mass production is planned from 2018, and we wouldn’t do that without demand from our clients”.

The enormous advantage LCD has over OLED is that it’s more reasonable in price — particularly for creators like Japan Display, who doesn’t have existing OLED generation offices and would need to put millions into building them.

Even though Japan Display says the screens will be mass created from 2018 don’t get your hopes up that a bendable iPhone is in the near future. First off, the report says that creators are still ‘far away’ from a mass-producible product that shoppers could flex with their hands. Additionally, Making an iPhone bendable is significantly more difficult than simply finding an adaptable screen.

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