Apple Kills Off Game Center app from iOS 10 and macOS Sierra betas

For some this might be great news, while others might be upset about this news, but it appears as if Apple has removed the Game Center app from the first betas of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra. According to the iOS 10 Preview release notes it seems as if this is a more permanent solution, since the document states “The Game Center app has been removed”.

It doesn’t mean that the Game Center as such is dead, it just means that the Game Center app is no longer available.

Here are all the notes that apply to the Game Center.


The GameKit framework (GameKit.framework) includes the following changes and enhancements:

  • The Game Center app has been removed. If your game implements GameKit features, it must also implement the interface behavior necessary for the user to see these features. For example, if your game supports leaderboards, it could present a GKGameCenterViewController object or read the data directly from Game Center to implement a custom user interface.
  • A new account type, implemented by the GKCloudPlayer class, supports iCloud-only game accounts.
  • Game Center provides a new generalized solution for managing persistent storage of data on Game Center. A game session (GKGameSession) has a list of players who are the session’s participants. Your game’s implementation defines when and how a participant stores or retrieves data from the server or exchanges data between players. Game sessions can often replace existing turn-based matches, real-time matches, and persistent save games, and also enable other models of interaction between participants.


The GameplayKit framework (GameplayKit.framework) includes the following changes and enhancements:

  • Procedural noise generation can be used to generate rich game worlds, create sophisticated natural-looking textures, and add realism to camera movement.
  • Spatial partitioning lets you partition your game world data so that the data in the game world can be searched efficiently.
  • A new Monte Carlo strategist (GKMonteCarloStrategist) helps you model games where exhaustive computation of possible moves is difficult.
  • The new decision tree API can enhance your game-building AI when you adopt decision-tree learning to generalize behavior based on data mining of logged player actions. To learn more, see GKDecisionTree and GKDecisionNode.
  • The GKAgent3D and GKGraphNode3D classes introduce 3D support to existing agent and path-finding behavior.
  • The new GKMeshGraph class provides a higher performance alternative to GKObstacleGraph, allowing you to produce more natural-looking output at the cost of less mathematically perfect paths.
  • The new GKScene and GKSKNodeComponent classes, combined with changes in SpriteKit and the Xcode editor, make integrating GameplayKit with SpriteKit easier than ever.

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