Apple releases iTunes 12.4.1 with bug fixes and improvements

Yesterday Apple released a software update for iTunes. The update comes with smaller improvements and several bug fixes. Even though it is just a small update, Apple still recommends that everyone who uses iTunes should update to the newest version 12.4.1. Read on to see what is new.

What’s new in iTunes 12.4.1

According to the change log, the following changes were made in the update:

This update addresses a number of problems where iTunes doesn’t work as expected with VoiceOver. It also restores the option to Reset Plays and fixes the following issues:

  • Up Next may have unexpectedly played songs added together in the incorrect order.
  • iTunes was prevented from crossfading between songs.

The update is shown making improvements to VoiceOver’s usability, as well as fixing a problem that could cause songs added to an Up Next list to play in the wrong order under rare circumstances and fixing a problem that could prevent iTunes from using the crossfade effect between songs as the songs change from one to the next.

The iTunes 12.4.1 update comes about two weeks after the initial release of iTunes 12.4, which included some minor redesigns to the app to make navigation a little more fluid and easier to use. Those improvements included a refreshed look for the sidebar and improvements to the forward and back buttons in the app, among other things.


The update is indeed minor, but it is recommended for all users to ensure everyone has the best user experience possible. Because it’s minor, you don’t need to be in any rush to install it, however.

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