Apple Will Never Get Rid of App Review Process

As we mentioned earlier, Apple has announced some big changes in the App Store, especially changes to the In-App Subscriptions, as well as introducing all-new paid ads for apps in App Store search results.

But if you were hoping that these changes would mean that Apple would get rid of their App Review Process, then you will be disappointed, SVP Phil Schiller sat down for an interview with The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple, and confirmed that Apple will never get rid of this process.

App review process is here to stay

The reasoning behind Apple refusing to get rid of the review process is, that it exists to ensure that the apps submitted to the App Store and Mac App Store adhere to its guidelines. In other words you don’t run the risk of having a bunch of crap apps in the App Store. According to Schiller, Apple currently reviews about 100,000 apps each week.

He did however say that the company has improved the process in order to make it much faster, in the past it used to take between 3-5 days to get an app reviewed, now it takes less than 48 hours, with more than 50% of the apps being reviewed within 24 hours.

Source: The Loop

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