iOS 10 Has Already Been Jailbroken

That really didnt take long, according to iH8sn0w, he has already jailbroken iOS 10.

Even though the beta has just been released a few days ago, iH8sn0w first tweeted earlier this week stating that Cydia does not crash on iOS 10. And now today, he has posted a video on YouTube with an iPhone 5 running iOS 10 with an untethered jailbreak.

Before you get all excited though, you have to know that the this was done on the iPhone 5 which is a 32-bit device and verbose mode is teased, which means it most likely relies on an iBoot exploit. This might mean that it doesn’t work on 64-bit devices such as the iPhone 6s.

At the same time though, it does get us excited for the possibility of seeing iOS 10 being jailbroken, especially since the last jailbreaking tool released was Pangu9 for iOS 9.1.

There is no word on whether iH8sn0w has any plans of releasing the jailbreak to the public.


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