Join us for the WWDC 2017 Live Blog Keynote

12:27 AM – Thanks for reading along guys, this is it from us! Hope you enjoyed the Live Blog

12:26 AM – And with that, Tim Cook wishes everyone a fantastic week.

12:25 AM – Oh hey, but developers get this: Michelle Obama joining for a session here at WWDC tomorrow.

12:24 AM – There’s a hands-on area for the press set up.

12:24 AM – We appear to be recapping, and if that two-and-a-half-hour estimated runtime was correct, we do appear to be just about done. Stay with me, folks.

12:23 AM – iOS 11

12:22 AM – WatchOS, macOS High Sierra, updates to MacBook, MacBook Pro, and iMac

12:22 AM – We’ve shared lots of things, all of which are shipping this year

12:22 AM – Tim: It’s been an incredible morning

12:22 AM – Ships in December in the US and UK and Australia, starts making it out into the rest of the world next year

12:21 AM – HomePod is priced at $349, comes in white and space gray

12:21 AM – When you use Siri, it’s sent anonymously, and the data is encrypted

12:20 AM – Until you say Hey Siri, nothing is being sent to Apple

12:20 AM – Our team cares deeply about your privacy

12:20 AM – Can control HomeKit devices

12:20 AM – Can play podcasts, give you news, weather, traffic, sports, set reminders and timers

12:20 AM – It’s also a helpful home assistant thanks to Siri

12:19 AM – Siri doesn’t need specific commands – it can interpret what you’re saying and help you discover the music you love

12:18 AM – The team has worked hard to make Siri understand more music-related commands

12:18 AM – 6 microphones around the middle respond to your “hey siri” commands

12:17 AM – The speaker can get 40m tracks straight from the cloud

12:17 AM – HomePod works together with Apple Music

12:17 AM – Next, an intelligent helper to help you discover music you’ll love

12:16 AM – If you love one, you should hear what it sounds like when you set up two and they work together to rock your house

12:16 AM – HomePod can direct all of these sounds into a full rich mix that fills up your room

12:16 AM – Visual presentation

12:16 AM – You can put it anywhere in your house, and it detects the space it’s within

12:16 AM – No screen? What about the new Amazon Echo!

12:15 AM – The same one from the iPhone 6 and Apple TV

12:15 AM – All of this is controlled by an Apple A8 chip

12:15 AM – 7 beam forming tweeters in the base with tremendous directional control

12:14 AM – Just like iPod reinvented music in our pockets, HomePod will reinvent music in our homes.

12:14 AM – We call it: HomePod

12:13 AM – This is for later this year, but here’s a sneak peek

12:12 AM – Have a built-in musicologist

12:12 AM – It needs to be spatially aware to fit into different rooms in our house

12:11 AM – We’re working on a breakthrough home speaker

12:11 AM – None of the products that have tried to make music sound good around your home have really succeeded

12:10 AM – Phil: This is all really exciting

12:10 AM – I’d like to invite Phil up to tell you all about it

12:10 AM – We can make this experience much better.

12:10 AM – AirPods bring a magical experience to wireless audio

12:10 AM – 40 million songs in your pocket with Apple Music

12:09 AM – We first revolutionized the music industry with iTunes

12:08 AM – Let’s turn our attention to music

12:07 AM – Video over

12:07 AM – Video going through some of the things we have seen.

12:07 AM – (iOS 11 runs on all 64-bit iDevices but drops the iPhone 5 and 5C and iPad 4, as predicted)

12:07 AM – Tim’s back, he’s excited about iOS 11 and he’s gonna run a video

12:06 AM – Final version out this fall

12:06 AM – iOS 11 is out as a dev preview today

12:05 AM – Many of these features seem both like no-brainers, but also overdue. Notes has long had competition from OneNote, which works well with the pen that comes included with Surface tablets.

12:04 AM – The demo is still going on.

12:03 AM – Press down with the pencil within that content to make a quick inline drawing

12:03 AM – Now showing a note with a lot of mixed content – a table, some pictures, typed text

12:02 AM – Machine learning can recognize your handwriting (Not my dads!) and make your notes searchable for later

12:02 AM – For a look at these pencil features, here’s Toby Patterson for a live demo

12:01 AM – And you can mark it up with your pencil right there

12:01 AM – Notes also has a built-in document scanner for when you need to deal with paper

12:01 AM – Inline drawing is also possible

12:00 AM – We’re also seeing a glimpse at searchable handwriting.

12:00 AM – You can create markup PDFs from any apps that support printing

12:00 AM – It’s integrated deeply into the system in iOS 11

12:00 AM – Next, Apple Pencil

11:59 AM – And you can look at your cloud storage providers using the exact same UI

11:59 AM – You can tag files

11:59 AM – Files includes a list view, can be sorted by size and date

11:59 AM – You can also drag out files from a doc into split view, or maybe into a folder.

11:59 AM – This is making the iOS 9 multitasking UI look like a serious joke.

11:58 AM – In a demo, we’re seeing more of the app switcher. We start in split view mode, and then swipe up from the bottom and keep going, and then we see previews of each app, much like in macOS when you wanna zoom out and switch to another open app.

11:57 AM – Guys for someone who loves working on her iPad, this is amazing news.

11:56 AM – Let’s do a demo!

11:56 AM – Supports not just local storage, but also cloud storage providers

11:56 AM – A way to find all your files on your iPad

11:56 AM – We have a new app to introduce too

11:55 AM – You can drag images, text, URLs, multi-select

11:55 AM – We’re excited to bring drag and drop to iPad

11:54 AM – You can pull an app up from the dock and pop it into Slide Over

11:54 AM – Summon it from anywhere and use it for switching apps

11:54 AM – The dock

11:54 AM – Craig: Yes, there’s more!

11:54 AM – Order them today, they ship next week

11:53 AM – Also adding a 512GB storage option, and LTE is available as well

11:53 AM – $649 for 10.5-inch, $799 for 12.9-inch

11:52 AM – We’re also doubling the storage – 64GB in the base models

11:52 AM – That’s our new iPad Pro family

11:52 AM – iPad Pro supports USB 3 and fast charging via our USB C chargers

11:51 AM – So 12MP capture, OIS, 4K video capture

11:51 AM – The new iPad Pro uses the iPhone 7 camera

11:50 AM – 10-hour battery life

11:50 AM – And the demo is over.

11:50 AM – A lot of really cool features.

11:47 AM – He’s running through a photo editing app, highlighting how the new iPad does things very fast

11:47 AM – Demo time

11:47 AM – remember, in the A10 only two cores can be lit up at any given time, so the A10X is effectively a tri-core CPU compared to the A9X’s dual core

11:46 AM – 40% faster GPU performance

11:46 AM – 30% faster CPU performance than A9X

11:46 AM – Apple Pencil latency now down to 20ms.

11:46 AM – Another breakthrough: these are the first mobile displays that can dynamically adjust their refresh rate

11:45 AM – Drawing is incredibly fluid and even more natural

11:44 AM – The new iPad Pro has a 120Hz refresh rate

11:44 AM – They’re packed with features like True Tone, P3, low reflectivity, 600 nits brightness, and HDR video support

11:43 AM – It’s also the perfect size for a full-size Smart Keyboard (instead of the teeny one from the 9.7″)

11:43 AM – Why 10.5″? It’s 20% larger, but we reduced the bezels by 40%

11:43 AM – 10.5″ Retina display

11:42 AM – Today we have an all-new iPad Pro

11:42 AM – When we introduced iPad Pro 18 months ago, it redefined what you could do with your iPad.

11:42 AM – iPad Pro

11:41 AM – Today we’re going to push the boundaries on iPad further than ever before.

11:41 AM – It’s truly a magical piece of glass that transforms into anything you want.

11:41 AM – iPad

11:40 AM – Tim: Thanks Craig!

11:40 AM – That’s our update for iOS 11, I’ll turn it back to Tim

11:39 AM – Those are some of the major features in iOS 11

11:39 AM – Guys this really is pretty cool

11:38 AM – You can get in really close to view the action – you’re the director of your own experience

11:38 AM – Whoa, that is a whole Game of Throne-y town scene. It just unfurled itself on a tabletop surface, very quickly and smoothly.

11:37 AM – To help give us a demo, we’re getting a demo from Wingnut AR’s Alasdair Coull.

11:36 AM – With ARKit, you don’t need special tracking markers – it just works

11:36 AM – To show you what he has in the works, here’s Alasdair Coull, Wingnut AR’s creative director

11:36 AM – What this means, as Apple says, is that tons and tons of iPads and iPhones will support ARKit apps, which means Apple could be the world’s biggest AR platform.

11:36 AM – Showing a Lego Batman app, exploding a Lego model

11:35 AM – Third parties are totally excited to play with ARKit

11:35 AM – The software brought together with these devices give us hundreds of million of iPhones capable of ARKit

11:35 AM – The implementation is possible because of our awesome hardware – the cameras and the SoCs and the motion sensors

11:34 AM – Showing an iPhone camera placing a virtual object on a table

11:34 AM – Demo time

11:33 AM – We’ve all seen a lot of carefully edited vision videos on this topic recently

11:32 AM – We have a new core technology called ARKit to bring it to all of you, I’d like to show you a demo now

11:32 AM – We want to open this up to developers

11:31 AM – Now, he says, Apple wants machine learning to be easier for developers to incorporate into their third-party apps. Various APIs will help with this.

11:31 AM – We use machine learning to predict how you’ll use your device, to power Memories and face recognition, to do palm rejection for the Apple Pencil

11:30 AM – Those are some of the big features in iOS 11

11:30 AM – That’s the App Store, back to you Craig!

11:30 AM – Back to you Phil

11:29 AM – Redesigned app pages are more beautiful and more useful

11:29 AM – There are a lot of changes in the new App Store.

11:28 AM – She is still showing us a demo, you guys will have to watch the video for this.

11:28 AM – Wow this girl is really pregnant

11:26 AM – Demo time.

11:26 AM – We’d love to show it to you live for the very first time

11:26 AM – These are just some of the new things in the all-new App Store

11:26 AM – We can also feature in-app purchases for games, a big part of your business

11:26 AM – There’s another new tab: games!

11:25 AM – Do you remember how fun it was to discover new apps in the early days? We’re bringing that back with a new tab.

11:25 AM – A brand new tab, called “Today’

11:24 AM – Here’s something we’ve never done before: a completely redesigned app store

11:24 AM – Times have dropped to 24 hours or less, and we’ll keep working at that

11:24 AM – There are a lot of improvements, but the big one is faster app review times

11:23 AM – It’s not by chance that the App Store has become such a great place

11:23 AM – It’s the best app platform in the world

11:22 AM – $70 billion paid out to developers to date, 30% in the last year

11:22 AM – 500 million visitors to the app store, 180 billion apps downloaded to date (not including updates and auto re-downloads)

11:22 AM – The App Store is turning 9 this year and it’s going so well

11:21 AM – Good morning everyone!

11:21 AM – Here comes Phil Schiller, thank you

11:21 AM – One of the biggest stories today for iOS 11 is about the App Store

11:20 AM – Now you can find out what your friends are listening to right inside the app

11:20 AM – We now have 27 million paid subscribers

11:20 AM – Apple Music

11:20 AM – Speaker makers will begin making AirPlay 2 speakers soon, and your AppleTV also supports AirPlay 2 through your sound system

11:19 AM – You’ll now be able to configure speakers in HomeKit and access them via our new AirPlay 2 protocol, which adds multi-room audio support to iOS

11:19 AM – There’s one category we wanted to add: speakers

11:19 AM – Next, HomeKit

11:18 AM – (it’s a blank screen)

11:18 AM – We have a new user interface for you if we detect you’re driving

11:17 AM – We’ll use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to detect that you’re moving in a car, and we can activate the feature automatically

11:17 AM – A new feature called Do Not Disturb While Driving

11:16 AM – We’re also bringing this support to major airports

11:16 AM – We now have detailed floor plans and directories for malls

11:16 AM – iOS 10 brought new clarity to navigation

11:15 AM – Let’s go to Maps

11:15 AM – But wait, there’s more!

11:15 AM – I can scroll through the new tray to see all my sticker packs

11:14 AM – Now let’s look at stickers

11:13 AM – Siri is now learning this vocabulary, and can suggest these words while you’re typing

11:12 AM – Siri does so much more to learn how you’re using your device

11:12 AM – Now running through the Memories app and looking at a video made of a pet, one of the new options for Memories

11:12 AM – But now there’s a long exposure option you can use in the app

11:11 AM – Usually if you wanted to capture motion in water, you’d need a tripod and a high end camera

11:11 AM – We can do other really fun things too

11:10 AM – 3D Touch is used more extensively to expand bits of Control Center and give you more information

11:09 AM – Control Center now packs everything into a single page

11:09 AM – Let’s take our first live look at iOS 11

11:08 AM – And a major redesign for Control Center

11:08 AM – Now uses machine learning to identify different kinds of memories

11:08 AM – Memories feature

11:07 AM – iOS 11 uses those to give you better low-light performance and other features

11:06 AM – Up to 2x better compression, meaning less storage used on your device and in the cloud

11:06 AM – Our customers take 1 trillion photos per year

11:05 AM – Siri can understand what you want next and give you information proactively

11:04 AM – SiriKit can also do more than ever in iOS 11

11:04 AM – Siri also has a translation beta

11:04 AM – (The new voice said the same word three times with three different intonations, it was pretty neat)

11:04 AM – We have a new male voice

11:03 AM – We’re making a big upgrade to Siri’s voice in iOS 11

11:03 AM – Siri is used on 375 million devices

11:03 AM – Next, Siri

11:03 AM – Send and receive money

11:02 AM – It’s super simple because it’s integrated right into Messages as an iMessage app

11:02 AM – We also use it in apps, on the web, and now person to person

11:02 AM – Next, Apple Pay

11:02 AM – This will help optimize storage, since we don’t need to keep every single message cached on your devices

11:01 AM – When you sign into a new device, all of your conversations are automatically synchronized

11:01 AM – Messages in iCloud

11:00 AM – Let’s talk about iOS 11

10:59 AM – This blows away the horrible fragmentation of other platforms

10:59 AM – 86% installed base

10:59 AM – And now, we’re shifting our attention to iOS.

10:59 AM – Tim: I agree, that iMac Pro is really badass

10:59 AM – Now back to Tim

10:58 AM – That’s a sneak peak of the iMac Pro

10:58 AM – Available in December

10:58 AM – The starting config of the iMac Pro is $4999

10:57 AM – PC system would cost over $7000

10:57 AM – This is going to be an awesome workstation

10:56 AM – Damn people, this is one crazy powerful machine.

10:56 AM – Up to 128GB of ECC RAM

10:56 AM – Can also do half-precision compute at up to 22 tflops

10:55 AM – Up to 16GB of VRAM and 400Gbps of bandwidth

10:55 AM – AMD Radeon Vega graphics

10:54 AM – We wanted to go big on graphics as well

10:54 AM – We actually are putting workstation-class performance into the design

10:54 AM – The most beautiful iMac we’ve ever made, and also the most powerful

10:54 AM – Same design as our 27″ iMac but in a badass Space Gray finish

10:52 AM – This won’t ship until the end of the year, but here’s a sneak peek at what we’ve been up to

10:52 AM – That said, there’s another class of Pro users who want the iMac’s display but more performance

10:52 AM – We’ve been working to see how far we can push the iMac

10:52 AM – That’s everything we’re updating, but not everything we want to show you

10:51 AM – Bringing faster SSDs to the MacBook and faster GPUs to the 15″ MBP

10:51 AM – The MacBook and MacBook Pro – moving to Kaby Lake

10:50 AM – That is it for the iMac.

10:50 AM – At Lucasfilm and ILM, we’re looking forward to using our Macs to create new experiences. Thank you.

10:49 AM – It’s really nice to see an iMac handle VR at 90FPS

10:48 AM – (They’re still running through this VR demo, I’m taking a breather for a sec)

10:47 AM – (Walking us through some VR UI, this is the sort of thing that other platforms have been doing for a while but this is the first time a Mac has included the GPUs to handle it)

10:47 AM – Demo Time

10:46 AM – Lauren Ridge from Epic will be backstage driving our demo

10:46 AM – I’ve always done my art and development on a Mac, so I’m excited to share this VR content built in Epic’s Unreal Engine

10:45 AM – To help with an on-stage demo, Industrial Light & Magic’s VFX artist John Knoll is taking the lead.

10:44 AM – I’m really excited to give you a demo of some of the work we’ve been doing with VR for the Mac

10:44 AM – Lastly, our 27″ iMac, which is our most popular desktop for pros

10:44 AM – 4K iMacs are getting Radeon Pro 555 and 560 GPUs

10:43 AM – We’re investing in graphics hardware, and every config is going to get a big bump

10:43 AM – They’re also getting two TB3 ports

10:43 AM – SSDs 50% faster and go up to 2TB

10:43 AM – They’ve got Kaby Lake, HEVC support, 32GB and 64GB RAM limits for 21.5 and 27″ versions

10:42 AM – Also adding internal updates to these iMacs

10:42 AM – The iMacs displays are the best displays on any desktop

10:42 AM – Now turning it over to John Turnis for more about the Mac

10:41 AM – The following Macs are supported

10:40 AM – Valve is bringing SteamVR to the Mac, and Unity and Unreal are bringing their engines to the Mac

10:40 AM – And we’re adding VR support to Final Cut Pro X

10:40 AM – We’re also adding Metal for VR to High Sierra

10:39 AM – A dev kind includes a TB3 enclosure, RX 580 GPU

10:39 AM – With Thunderbolt and Metal 2 you can access external GPUs

10:39 AM – Guys if you feel we are missing anything, please note that these guys are moving in super speed today.

10:39 AM – Our MacBooks have this tremendous balance of portability and power

10:38 AM – We’ve put the Mac window server on Metal, our most challenging animations

10:38 AM – 100x better than OpenGL

10:38 AM – A new version today: Metal 2

10:37 AM – Our API is Metal

10:37 AM – Now, graphics, which are all about the GPU

10:36 AM – We’re building in hardware acceleration for the newest Macs and software support in our other apps.

10:36 AM – In High Sierra with APFS, this kind of duplicating is almost instantaneous

10:35 AM – Let’s take a look – in Sierra, when we go to copy large video files, it takes a lot of time

10:35 AM – It’s a modern file system – 64-bit, native encryption, crash protection, file and directory cloning, parallelized metadata operations

10:35 AM – APFS is coming to macOS as our new default

10:35 AM – HFS is 30 years old, and a lot has changed since then

10:34 AM – The fundamentals of data are in the filesystem

10:34 AM – “Those are some quick refinements.” Damn straight! Can we get a slow-mo replay, Craig?

10:34 AM – Better syncing of photos across devices too

10:34 AM – Photos, meanwhile, has a new Imports view as well as a persistent side menu.

10:33 AM – Photos has some great new organization and editing tools

10:33 AM – It also uses 35% less disk space for storing your mail

10:32 AM – We support Split View for your compose window

10:32 AM – Mail

10:32 AM – Safari has Intelligent Tracking Prevention

10:32 AM – Aside from speed, another big feature is “autoplay blocking.”

10:31 AM – Safari smokes other browsers in benchmark after benchmark

10:31 AM – Some promised speed improvements here, of course, but especially in Safari.

10:31 AM – The world’s fastest desktop browser in High Sierra

10:30 AM – it’s known for its efficiency, incredible battery life, and speed

10:30 AM – We talked to the guys and said “this might be misconstrued!”

10:30 AM – macOS High Sierra

10:29 AM – Our current release, Sierra, brought Siri and Apple Pay to the Mac (among other things)

10:29 AM – To tell you about what’s next for macOS, welcome Craig Federighi

10:29 AM – All of us love to use it, and no one can match its integration of hardware and software.

10:28 AM – There’s never been a computer quite like the Mac. it’s so important.

10:28 AM – Here is Tim.

10:27 AM – Available in Fall

10:26 AM – Lots of new possibilities here for watchOS

10:26 AM – There’s a lot more coming, as well as new APIs including native core Bluetooth.

10:26 AM – These are only a few of the new features, I can’t wait for you to try it out! Back to Kevin.

10:26 AM – We’re building notifications from the Activity app right into the watch face to help you close your rings.

10:25 AM – The new Dock is arranged vertically to make it easier to go through your apps

10:25 AM – Demo time.

10:24 AM – We support multiple playlists on the Watch now

10:24 AM – We’ll automatically sync music for you based on what you like to listen to

10:23 AM – We’re also redesigning the Music app

10:22 AM – Yes, lots of big-name gym equipment makers will be supporting this. You’ve heard of ’em. Some include Schwinn, Stairmaster and a bunch more.

10:22 AM – As for people working out indoors, they end up with some disparate data sets, on the watch and gym equipment. So, in the upcoming update, there will be two-way data transfers.

10:21 AM – Easier Quick Start feature, with “auto sets” in the pool workout mode. Also some custom heart rate algorithms for high-intensity interval training.

10:21 AM – You can also do more than one workout in a row

10:20 AM – We’ve also enhanced the Workout app

10:20 AM – We’ve also added more fun when you close your rings (fireworks animation)

10:20 AM – We’re introducing monthly challenges tailored to your real history

10:20 AM – Woody, Jessie, and Buzz from Toy Story

10:19 AM – Now Mickey and Minnie have been a big hit on Apple Watch, and more characters are coming in

10:19 AM – Now sometimes you might like less info and more graphics. That’s the new Kaleidoscope face

10:19 AM – That’s the new Siri face on Apple Watch.

10:18 AM – Siri watch face

10:18 AM – Let’s start with watch faces

10:17 AM – I’m excited to introduce watchOS 4 today.

10:17 AM – It’s designed to help you live a healthier life, and people are loving the health capabilities, including the ability to swim with it

10:17 AM – It’s the #1 best selling smartwatch by far, and #1 in customer satisfaction by far.

10:17 AM – Now let us discuss Apple Watch


10:15 AM – We introduced the TV app on Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad to help you discover and enjoy TV content.

10:15 AM – Let us talk about our 4 major softwares

10:14 AM – Someone who published her first app earlier this year at the age of 82.

10:14 AM – We also have developers who got a later start.

10:13 AM – Started coding when he was 6, and has 5 apps on the app store!

10:13 AM – One of our youngest is here this morning, from Australia, just 10 years old.

10:12 AM – And we have the most student developers with us this morning ever!

10:12 AM – 16m registered developers, 3m added in the last year.

10:11 AM – “This is going to be the best and biggest WWDC ever.”

10:10 AM – With that, the video ends, and Tim Cook walks on stage. “Good morning! I’m so glad that really can’t happen.

10:10 AM – (Video over, much applause)

10:09 AM – all apps are being deleted. cars crashing.

10:09 AM – the video is a joke on Apple devices all running on the same server.

10:08 AM – No one on stage yet. First, a video. We appear to be in some sort of server center.

10:08 AM – As usual, we are kicking things off with a light comedy video.

10:07 AM – lights down ready to go.

10:04 AM – well let us take a moment to recap what we think we will see – iOS 11, Mac OS ….. Apple watch OS and new iPad, maybe a siri speaker

10:03 AM – the media is asked to turn all electronic devices to silent mode. “Ladies and gentlemen, our presentation will begin shortly. As a courtesy to our presenters, please take a moment to switch all electronic devices to silent mode.”

10:02 AM – I think this is the first time in history that an Apple keynote has started late.

10:00 AM – we are getting a lot of great photos of the audience.

9:59 AM – the music is fading and we are about ready to get started.

09:51 AM – people are slowly starting to get seated. Now is the time for you to go and get that last coffee, or take that leak before we get started.

We are officially just a few hours away from the 2017 WWDC Apple Keynote, it will take place at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose. But like always, we have you covered with a second for second liveblog.

Be sure to check back.

These are the Times around the globe:

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06:00PM – London
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02:00AM – Tokyo (June 6th)

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