Liveblog from Apple “Hello Again” Keynote

11:25 AM – We will turn off the Auto refresh.

11:25 AM – Thanks for reading.

11:24 AM – Honestly folks, I guess that is the end.

11:23 AM – We have an amazing hands-on area right down the hall.

11:22 AM – I’d like to thank everyone for joining us this morning, and I’d like to thank everyone at Apple.

11:22 AM – We couldn’t be more excited about this product lineup headed into the holiday season

11:21 AM – We have the best watches, best tablets, and best smartphones.

11:21 AM – Ad over, Tim’s back.

11:21 AM – Tim introduced an ad for the laptops, which is playing now

11:21 AM – Tim Cook is back.


11:21 AM – Pricing is $1499, $1799, $2399, can order them today

11:21 AM – wait, 16GB memory standard on the 15″, my bad

11:21 AM – 256GB SSDs and 8GB RAM standard across all three

11:20 AM – The Pro is smaller but better in every way

11:20 AM – New Pro is 12% thinner than the Air, even accounting for the wedge shape

11:19 AM – So the new MacBook Air is sort of a Pro Light

11:18 AM – We’re also making an MBP for Air customers – it has a regular function keys and two TB3 ports

11:18 AM – We’ll also continue to offer the 13-inch MacBook Air

11:17 AM – Phil Schiller humorously notes that the new MacBook Pro is 6.8 million times faster than the first PowerBook.

11:17 AM – The team has set out to make simply the best notebooks ever for high-end pro customers.

11:16 AM – MBPs are all made in environmentally friendly ways

11:15 AM – New MacBook Pros have up to 10 hours of battery life!


11:14 AM – You can answer or decline phone calls on Touch Bar.

11:13 AM – quad-core i7 Skylake CPU with dedicated AMD graphics for the 15-inch – no mention of ANY integrated graphics, so we could be going back to dedicated-only after a few years of Intel Iris Pro

11:12 AM – The new keyboard design is more accurate and efficient. Dome switches below each key have been optimized for a more responsive feel.

11:11 AM – The larger Force Touch trackpad provides an expansive area for a whole range of gestures.

11:11 AM – We have a brief video to tell you a little bit more about it

11:10 AM – That’s what the MacBook Pro is – an entirely new experience.

11:10 AM – Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, and even Skype for Business.

11:10 AM – MS is working to bring Office to MacBook Pro with Touch Bar support.

11:09 AM – He was using both hands simultaneously on Touch Bar, it supports up to 10 inputs at once.

11:09 AM – Phil is back.

11:08 AM – Still a demo of this App.

11:08 AM – Touch Bar “enables the next-generation of DJ software.” You can access the core functionality of djay Pro in the Touch Bar, such as samplers and filters. You can zoom into the waveform, scratch, and find the queue points to start songs.

11:08 AM – Showing off a DJ program

11:07 AM – The Touch Bar gives us multitouch and dynamic controls for next-gen DJ software

11:06 AM – Karim Morsy, CEO of Algoriddim, will demonstrate

11:06 AM – For our third demo, I’d like to bring up a music application.

11:04 AM – That’s incredible, Photoshop just flies on the new MacBook Pro.


11:03 AM – Touch Bar has contextual Photoshop commands allowing you to Select and Mask, readjust the brush size, add and open PSD files, and more.


11:02 AM – Honestly guys, I gotta say so far these new Macbook Pro’s look very promising.

11:02 AM – This is really fun. I don’t know if you guys can tell how much fun I’m having

11:01 AM – The Touch Bar and giant trackpad gives you lots of cool ways to work with photoshop


11:00 AM – Bradee Evans, experience design manager for Adobe Photoshop, will tell you more.

11:00 AM – Let’s talk about Photoshop.

11:00 AM – That’s a quick look at Final Cut Pro with the deep integration with the Touch Bar and the performance of the MacBook Pro. Thanks so much.

10:59 AM – The Touch Bar is great at surfacing useful features that can be hard to discover in a rich app like Final Cut Pro.

10:59 AM – In full screen mode, the Touch Bar shows me the same detailed overview of my timeline. I can navigate without ever leaving full screen, and it’s smooth and precise even with demanding 4K footage.

10:59 AM – Susan is going through more things you can do with the Touch Bar, which continues to change around as you do different things in Final Cut Pro

10:58 AM – Touch Bar automatically changes to show me relevant controls as I move around the app

10:57 AM – Right here in the Touch Bar, I can see my entire timeline.

10:56 AM – First up Final Cut Pro

10:55 AM – Showing off professional apps

10:55 AM – Adding more storage arrays and other stuff, really focusing on how many things you can connect to it at once

10:55 AM – We worked with LG on an UltraFine 5K display with Wide Color, built in microphones and speakers, and USB Type-C, all over a single Thunderbolt 3 cable

10:54 AM – Any port can be used as a charging port

10:53 AM – 13- and 15-inch have four Thunderbolt 3 ports

10:52 AM – Faster gaming, video editing, and 3D performance

10:52 AM – The 13″ has dual-core Skylake i5 and i7, Iris Graphics, and a faster SSD

10:52 AM – That’s the 15″

10:52 AM – There is a new SSD with up to 3.1GB/s speeds and up to 2TB of storage.

10:52 AM – 2x the dynamic range in the speakers

10:52 AM – 2.3x faster than previous gen

10:52 AM – Radeon Pro graphics, based on Polaris

10:51 AM – It’s paired with 2133MHZ DDR4

10:50 AM – Every 15″ MBP has a Skylake quad-core i7

10:50 AM – Compared to previous 15″ MBP, it’s 67% brighter and has a 67% better contrast ratio, and it uses Wide Color

10:50 AM – Let’s turn to the display – our best display ever

10:50 AM – Now it’s so much easier to search through things in Macs, answer FaceTime calls, zoom between weeks in Calendar, control music playback, and more. It’s built into iWork and iMovie.

10:49 AM – Phil’s back

10:49 AM – Multiple people can register fingerprints, and macOS can change accounts based on who presses down on Touch ID

10:49 AM – Now bringing up Phil to use Touch ID

10:48 AM – (showing the UI for customizing the Touch Bar – looks a lot like customizing the Finder)

10:47 AM – Touch Bar works great out of the box, but Touch Bar shines for pros who like to customize things

10:46 AM – You can straighten photos, adjust color, lighting, and more.

10:45 AM – Demo

10:44 AM – In Safari, you can make online purchases using Apple Pay directly using Touch Bar with Touch ID.


10:44 AM – Craig Federighi is showing a demo of Touch Bar’s contextual controls in the Mail app. You can change the size and color of text, move emails to certain inboxes, add emojis, and more using Touch Bar.


10:42 AM – In Mail, the bar transforms to let you compose messages, reply, flag, etc

10:42 AM – Craig Federighi: “For the first time ever, Siri has a dedicated key.”

10:41 AM – I want to focus our attention on the amazing new Touch Bar

10:41 AM – To show it to you, I’m excited to bring up Craig Federighi

10:40 AM – Next to Touch Bar is Touch ID. Apple is bringing Touch ID to the Mac for the very first time.

10:40 AM – Phil Schiller: “Touch Bar replaces the standard system functions we’re used to it, such as setting the brightness or volume with a slide or tap. It goes way beyond that. The Touch Bar adapts to whatever software you’re using. In this case, we’re in Safari, and the Touch Bar is showing us buttons for our favorite websites — such as a search field, back button, and Facebook share button.

10:40 AM – It responds to the apps you are using

10:39 AM – It is multi-touch. It responds to gestures and taps.

10:38 AM – First, it replaces the system functions we’re used to

10:38 AM – Touch Bar

10:37 AM – Retina multitouch display that responds to gestures and taps and makes things incredible easy to use

10:36 AM – We’ve mapped other functions onto these keys, but keeping 45 year old tech around and mapping new things on them is crazy

10:36 AM – The new MacBook Pro is 14.9mm thin. 17% thinner than previous generation. It’s smaller too — 23% less volume, which is almost 25% smaller. Weighs 3 pounds, almost half a pound less than the previous version. All-metal design on all sides.


10:36 AM – New Force Touch Trackpad, 2x as big

10:35 AM – 17% thinner than the previous gen

10:34 AM- Silver and space grey (no golds)

10:34 AM – It’s the new gold standard in notebook computers

10:34 AM – (Looks like 4 USB C ports and a headphone jack, black color like the iPhone 7)

10:33 AM – To tell you more, Phil Schiller

10:33 AM – This is the new MacBook Pro (that trackpad looks HUGE)

10:32 AM – Focusing on the OLED display bar, which is scrubbing through photos, being used to edit movies and display emojis, more.

10:32 AM – New MacBook Pro is up

10:32 AM – Video time with history of Mac

10:31 AM – Tim Cook: “Now, the PowerBook actually defined the modern notebook for its time, changing the category and changing Apple forever. This was the first portable that featured the keyboard-forward design. It also had a palm-rest and an active matrix display. We didn’t stop there. Each new notebook had some major innovations that pushed the industry forward. The first trackpad. The first with built-in Wi-Fi. The first with all-day battery life. The first with a Retina display in a notebook. For 25 years, we’ve been defining and redefining what a notebook is and what a notebook can do. And today, we’re going to do it again.”

10:31 AM – This was the first portable that featured a keyboard-forward design so you could rest your hands while you typed

10:30 AM – This week marks the 25th anniversary of our first notebook

10:29 AM – Cook is recapping macOS Sierra features such as Siri and Apple Pay on the web.

10:28 AM – Talking about Mac OS


10:27 AM – Next thing we’d like to talk about is something dear to all of us at Apple

10:27 AM – Tim Cook is back on stage.

10:26 AM – With the TV app, there’s no reason to watch TV anywhere else.

10:25 AM – Siri on Apple TV is getting some upgrades. You can now say voice commands such as “watch the Louisville game,” and Siri will know which app has the football game, and start playing it.

10:24 AM – Still Demo time

10:24 AM – Talking about all the features of Apple TV.

10:23 AM – Since I’m in the app now, I can swipe around to get new content.

10:23 AM – Up Next was automatically updated with the stuff I just played on my iPad.

10:19 AM – Demo Video

10:19 AM – We’d just like to show you

10:18 AM – Today we’re announcing a new app and we simply call it “TV”

10:16 AM – We want Apple TV to be the one place to access all of your television, a unified TV experience

10:12 AM – And over 2,000 games like Real Racing 3

10:10 AM – Talking about launch of iOS

10:09 AM – Talking about iOS and iPhone

10:05 AM – And today we’re launching a new accessibility website about those features.

10:04 AM – Our teams work so hard to make our products accessible to everyone

10:04 AM – Good morning! Thank you

10:03 AM – Here comes Tim.

10:03 AM – New wheelchair features on Apple Watch, etc. etc.

10:02 AM – The video is about people with disabilities

10:02 AM – Starting with a video.

10:01 AM – lights going down, here we go

10:00 AM – Get ready for the event to start any second now.

9:55 AM – Ok guys we are almost ready for the live keynote, as always now is the best time to grab a coffee, use the restroom and in general get comfortable.



We are officially just a few hours away from the 2016 Mac Hello Again Keynote.  Like always, we have you covered with a second for second liveblog.

Be sure to check back.

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