On June 6, 2005 Steve Jobs announces Intel-powered Macs

There are a few things that Steve Jobs achieved during his Tenure as Apple CEO that will forever go down in history, this includes things such as the launch of the iMac, the iPod and of course perhaps most importantly the iPhone. Furthermore of course everyone knows his brilliant move to open Apple Retail Stores as well as the iTunes Store.

While it might not be remembered by everyone, on this day in 2005, Steve Jobs made an announcement that would forever change the Macs. He revealed that Macs would switch from using PowerPC processors to Intel processors.

So why was this so important?

Between 1984 and 2005 Apple computers all ran PowerPC processors, while this might seem like a trivial task, many other computer producers had tried to change their processors only to run into a lot of problems. Furthermore, people were worried that switching to a giant such as Intel would mean Apple would lose some of their charm as the underdog.

Another roadblock that many engineers even within Apple feared was what it would mean for existing customers who would be forced to move to a newer machine, if they wanted to continue using Macs. The first Intel Macs shipped in early 2006, and everyone quickly noticed the difference in processing power.

To this day however the PowerPC Macs still have a large following, and from personal experience, owning more than 5 PowerPC Macs, I can say that while they might be old in age, they still have enough processing power to get everyday tasks completed.

What about you guys, do you still have a Mac that runs PowerPC? Leave us a comment below.

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