Thieves Wearing Apple Store Uniforms Steal $16,000 worth of iPhones

Apple Stores in New York have seen an uptick in robberies perpetrated by thieves wearing the same t-shirts that employees wear. The latest spot to get hit was the Apple Store in SoHo, where thieves managed to snatch more than $16,000 worth of iPhones.

According to DNAinfo “Police say the thieves worked as a team to steal 19 iPhones worth a total of $16,130. One man wearing a blue shirt reportedly walked straight into the SoHo store’s electronics repair room at 5:30 on June 1st and pulled out the iPhones like it was totally normal.”

This isn’t the first time Apple Stores in New York have been targeted, earlier this year the New York Post reported on a small gang of thieves who hit the Upper West Side Apple Store. Just like in the most recent attack, a woman wearing an Apple t-shirt managed to steal eight iPhones, and in March, it was said the same gang came back and stole 59 more iPhones, valued at a total of somewhere around $49,300.

Perhaps it is time for Apple to reconsider the security in their stores, as well as who has access to the back rooms in the store. Perhaps it is time to install some kind of key card protection. With Apple Genius t-shirts going for next to nothing on eBay, Apple really needs to consider making changes.

[Image via Design & Trend]

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